Outreach - Second Harvest Food Bank

  Outreach - Second Harvest Food Bank  

SECONd harvest food bank

Hunger is a year-round challenge, even in this prosperous part of the world.  Second Harvest Food Bank continues to feed incredible numbers of people, using donations of food products, monetary offerings, and an incredible volunteer corps. 

1 in 10 people in San Mateo County are served by Second Harvest Food Bank at any given time; if you do not need their help, show your gratitude and join Epiphany contributing in one or more of these ways.  Every can or box, dollar or hour spent at the warehouse makes a difference!
  • Put it in the Bin! Epiphany regularly fills the bin, located in the church with dried goods, cans, drinks, and other non-perishible food items.
  • Volunteer at the Warehouse "Unshopping" Ever wonder what happens to all of the items that are donated to the bins?  At the warehouse, conveniently located for us on Bing Street, volunteers sort through the donations, checking for expiration dates and organizing them into product types for efficient distribution across the county.

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How you can help:

  • Grab a can or box from your cupboard as you come to church and place it in the barrel
  • When your local grocery store has a great special, put a few of those extra goods in a bag to add to the barrel.
  • If are 14 years or older, join us at the Warehouse on Bing Street in San Carlos for an evening or Saturday morning.

For more info, contact
Lauren P McCombs