Outreach - Clothing & Supply Drives

  Outreach - Clothing & Supply Drives  

What if...

you had no school supplies on the first day of school?

There is something magical about that new backback and school supplies, but not everyone can afford them.
Epiphany teams up with organizations to provide children in need with the supplies they need to start off the school year ready for learning and to be like one of their peers.
  • Back-to-School Backpacks, complete with the basic supplies needed by elementary, middle or high school students

you had no winter coat or dry socks?

Even though our winters are mild, many people need warm coats, dry socks and toiletries.
  • Coat Drive for Samaritan Huse.  We all have an extra coat or two, clear your closet and help someone in need.
  • Sock Drive for Open Cathedral.  Many homeless have but one pair of socks, and when that gets wet, what then?  Donate new tube socks and make a difference.
  • Travel-sized Toiletries for Open Cathedral.  We all collect them - now bring these travel-sized items in so they can be given to those who don't have a home to which they can return after being "on the road".



How you can help:

  • Backbacks: Select an age group for which you would like to buy necessary school supplies, and purchase them for a child in need
  • Socks: purchase a pack next time you are clothes shopping and fill the bin
  • Toiletries: any time you or your colleagues travel, bring back a few toiletries and fill the bin
  • No time to shop?  Donations for gift purchases are accepted and an Epiphany fairy will take care of the shopping

For more info, contact
Nina Brooks or Tassie Jenkins

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