Outreach - Meals for Shelters

  Outreach - Meals for Shelters  

epiphany thrives on potlucks, so we help those down on their luck

Epiphany learned of another great need from our contacts at the InnVision Shelter Network- providing food to those who are not as fortunate.  Some have made it to shelters; others try to make ends meet with odd jobs.

The youth program at Epiphany leads efforts to instill the spirit of reaching out in ways that our parishioners of all ages can participate.
  • Sandwich Sundays, where even our youngest help create bag lunches, which our middle- and high-schoolers deliver to the Maple Street shelter in Redwood City.
  • Sunday Supper, which is a nutritious hot-cooked meal that prepared and delivered by our Jr. and Sr. Seekers. This is an opportunity for our youth to serve and share a meal with the families at First Step for Families shelter in San Mateo.

Learn more: InnVision Shelter Network



How you can help:

  • Bring in sandwich makings, brown bags, fruit, etc. on a Sandwich Sunday
  • Help transport our youth with their meal offerings

For more info, contact:
Tassie Jenkins