Outreach - Fruit Ministry

  Outreach - Fruit Ministry  

FRUIT MINistry for local high schools

Epiphany learned of a great need at our local high schools, where students were arriving for school without having had breakfast.  Many of these students are coming from other communities and are challenged economically, but their transportation choices did not allow time for subsidized meals. 

By offering fruit and other healthy snack options in baskets at the Principal's office, where these students can drop in, say hi and pick up a quick bit of energy to start the day, students no longer have to "fear" going to this office and are able to concentrate during their first classes.

Schools that are currently being served by this program:
  • Carlmont High School, Belmont
  • Redwood High School, San Carlos
  • Sequoia High School, Redwood City
  • Woodside High School, Woodside


How you can help:

  • Be a Weekly Shopper or deliver baskets to a school

For more info, contact:
Patty Holubar or Roger Dills