Outreach - Home & Hope

  Outreach - Home & Hope  

This program brings shelter, meals and support services to families without homes. Churches of different faiths participate in this program. The families in the program are housed at Epiphany for a one to two week stay.

Many Epiphany families have participated with Home and Hope and have found it to be an interesting and rewarding experience. It is a great way for individuals and families to get involved in one of our Outreach initiatives. It will make a difference in the lives of homeless families in our community and in yours too!

To successfully host, we need to consistently fill a variety of roles, including:

  • Coordinator: Coordinates schedule, puts out announcements, coordinates with our support church partners, solicits volunteers and addresses any issues or questions that come up around Epiphany’s participation in Home & Hope. Consider helping Karen and Mallory this year.
  • Tent Set-up and Take-Down Coordinator: Coordinates volunteers to make sure that the tents are set up for our guests and made welcoming!   
  • Dinner Host: Provides dinner for the guests and eats with them. Often pairs with another family to provide dinner.  Dinner doesn’t have to be elaborate - grab a friend and do it together.   Baked chicken, chili and cornbread, burritos and more have been well received  by our guests who are overwhelmingly gracious and appreciative.
  • Evening Host: Spends the evening with the families, playing games, helping with homework and hanging out. Dinner hosts are welcome to fill this roll as well.
  • Shopper: We have shoppers pick up breakfast and lunch supplies at the beginning of the host week and replenish supplies half way through the week.


Learn more:  Home and Hope


How you can help:


  • Prepare a meal or help with homework
  • Take down tents on a Sunday morning
  • Consider whether a leadership role is for you

For more info, contact
Karen Hart or Mallory Stevens
Mallory Stephens

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Feb 1-7 Hosting
Apr 27-May 9
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