setstats Vestry and Chairs
Vestry Members and Committee Chairs
Sr. Warden Ginny Grant
Ginnygrant@yahoo.comclass of 2014
Jr. Warden and Stewardship Connie Maysonave
clmaysonave@gmail.comclass of 2015
Clerk of the Vestry and Kitchen Remodelling Lora O'Haver
lohaver@comcast.netclass of 2013
Finance Tricia Loveland
tricia.loveland@gmail.comclass of 2013
Buildings and Grounds Stephanie Meyer
storylady@mac.comclass of 2013
Worship and Adult Faith Formation Roger Dills
radills@volcanoca.comclass of 2014
Children's Youth Formation Tony Kovscek
kovscek@stanford.educlass of 2015
Investment Board Stephen Cottrell
s_r_cottrell@yahoo.comclass of 2014
Hospitality Heather Hansen
hhansen@apr.comclass of 2015
Outreach Commission Claudia Nadalin
cjnadalin@gmail.comclass of 2013
Communications and Liason to Deanery Delegation Tim Billings
tbilling@alumni.stanford.educlass of 2014
Emergency Preparedness Philip Sankar
psankar@comcast.netclass of 2015
Co-Treasurer Liz Olson
lizolson@sbcglobal.netclass of 2015
Treasurer Heather Blake
heather@hjbcpa.comclass of 2015

Committee Chairs